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Power Transmission

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Rombo manufactures standard (ANSI & British Standard) and custom industrial roller chains for large OEMs meeting their performance expectations.

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KGBAL is the largest manufacturer of rod ends, spherical bearings, linkage assemblies, custom forgings and hydraulic accessories.


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Sedis manufactures high quality power transmission chains, ISO metric standard roller chain, ANSI, and engineering class chain.

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Neugart is a leading planetary gearbox manufacturer that helps customers “right size” gearboxes for their applications.

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Hexelus distributes couplings, torque limiter clutches, right angle spiral bevel gearboxes, ball screw actuators driven by AC and servo motors.

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Industrial Indexing Systems designs, manufactures and specializes in servo motion control.

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Manufacturer of stamping assemblies with up to a 400 ton capacity. They have precision fabricatiion, robotic welding, wire forming, laser cutting and mechanical assembly capabilities.

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Manufacturers of both round and square tubing up to 4" in diameter of both simple and complex bent tubes and complex assemblies. Solutions provided through team collaboration with customers.

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Full line manufacturer of custom molded rubber products of various polymers. Three generations of expertise help our customers identify the right materials for their applications.

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