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Mechanical Components from Top Manufacturers

Cut your costs and improve your reliability with mechanical components from Satek Engineered Components, Inc. We source our products from the world's most highly respected manufacturers.

Neugart LogoA leading planetary gearbox manufacturer that helps customers “right size” gearboxes for their applications. Ensuring they save money and optimize their applications. Neugart manufactures both a precision gearbox using helical gearing, for low backlash (0-3 arc min), and an economy gearbox for torque (backlash range 6-11 arc min) in both in-line and right angle versions from our Charlotte, NC location.

JIE Asia Drive Logo

Manufacturer of constant speed drives, industrial gear units and electric motors, located in Carol Stream, IL.

           Manufacturers of both round and square tubing up to 4" in diameter of both simple and complex bent tubes and complex assemblies. Solutions provided through team collaboration with customers.  Bohn and Dawson Metal tubing fabricators

KGBAL plain bearings

KGBAL is the largest manufacturer of rod ends, spherical bearings, linkage assemblies, custom forgings and hydraulic accessories.

A global provider of solutions for industrial automation and robotics, in particular “end-effectors” and “end of arm tooling” (EOAT), essential devices for the automation of industrial production processes.
We are part of global companies that use their stable core of values and beliefs to reinvent themselves, remaining an unique and reliable partner for customers and suppliers.Applied Robotics Logo

Rombo Logo

Rombo manufactures standard ( ANSI & British Standard) and custom industrial roller chains for large OEMs meeting their performance expectations. Rombo is the market leader in leaf chain, skid steer loader chains, agricultural roller chains as well as accumulator roller chain products.

Sedis Logo

Sedis is a manufacturer of high quality power transmission chains for global applications. ISO Metric Standard Roller Chain, ANSI and engineering class chain products. Specialty chains that increase the wearlife and are corrosion resistant are produced.

Hexelus Logo

Hexelus imports products from companies in Italy who manufacture couplings, torque limiter clutches, right angle spiral bevel gearboxes, ball screw actuators driven by AC and servo motors.  

  • Comintec Couplings / torque limiter clutches Poggi
  • Right Angle Spiral bevel gearboxes Setec 
  • AC & Servo motor driven ball screw actuators and Screwjack.

K-TEK Logo

Manufacturer of stamping assemblies with up to a 400 ton capacity. They have precision fabricatiion, robotic welding, wire forming, laser cutting and mechanical assembly capabilities. They manufacture both short run and larger run parts. K-Tek has in-house tooling capabilities for progressive dies.